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I lower da boom when I do the cypher dance, with naps and saggy pants as I romance the plants. I take puffs on stuff, rough enough to give a buzz to my cuz, even though he don't touch the stuff. See this blunt in my front, some say might stink, but yo the skunk helps me think. I'm a boom smoker joker with the knack because I'm gifted. Some say misfit, but fuck it let's get lifted.

About to partake in a nice fat session, take a couple dabs… you all should fill up my ask box with random things that’ll make me and the roommates laugh!! I’ll be sure to read and answer everything   


I don’t mean to be cryptic, but some things aren’t meant to be said from such a distance .   

zombieprincesstattoos: Can we be best friends? Lol :3 ur cute and awesome

Of course :) I’d love to!

Weed - Marijuana