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Ladies and Gentlemen, I could give a shit less what you're mumblin might as while say it in Indian. Cause the only language I'm trying to speak in is 'Smoke Signals' and if you ain't fluent, then don't mingle. For any inquiries about my art, or anything else hit up:

I always treat people in public that I don’t know as if they’re going to rob or rape me.

stay-liifted: I hope everything works out for you, darling.

Never does, but thanks for the kind words anyways dude.

On Facebook, I’m a different person.
I don’t add people, people add me and if I don’t know them it’s usually the biggest anxious feeling of rape if I do.
I don’t like a lot of photos or videos people post, cause they’re stupid.
Facebook sucks

Just saying.

Weed - Marijuana